Sprint 3 – Learning Reflection

This past sprint our class was assigned four issues on JIRA, an issue-tracking software. AMPATH set all of us up with our own login information so that we could view, assign, and comment on the issues.  The issue we wanted to work on was given to another group, so we ended up getting our second choice, called NGPOC-185.  The title of NGPOC-185 was “Logout not working when editing a form” and had the description “if you are in the middle of editing a form, but you decide to cancel and logout (may not be a practical case) , after accepting to cancel, it should log you out.”

As a team we determined that the issue was asking us to have a confirmation window pop up when a user tries to logout while they are editing a form.  So we figured our first step would be try to recreate the issue.  We booted up our local server and determined what the issue was describing.  Our next step was to find the code the corresponded to the issue.  After some searching we think we figured out where to begin.  We decided our best course of action was to read up on Materialize CSS and then attempt the issue next sprint.


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