Sprint 5 – Learning Reflection

Sprint 5 began with our solution to NGPOC-185 was pulled into Ampath.  We also started work on some new issues we assigned ourselves from JIRA.  In accordance with what we decided last week we picked two issues, one for each group of three.  Our group picked APTS-254 which was described as “User are requesting when a patient switches to 2nd Line the Viral Load Pop-up reminder should not pop until the patient has used the 2nd Line Regimen for 6 months.”  Just as we did with NGPOC-185, we decided the best course of action was to attempt to recreate the issue and then find where in the code the issue was located.  Neither individually nor as a group could the issue be recreated so we determined that we needed additional clarification on the issue.  I wrote a message to Ampath, but it took awhile to get a response, delaying our progress.  Before the sprint ended, we did get a response.  Apparently the issue was located in the ETL Rest Server, which we did not have before.  They directed us to the repository, but even with this new information we were unable to recreate the issue.  We will continue to work on this issue next sprint.


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