Sprint 6 – Learning Reflection

Sprint 6 marks the final sprint of our semester.  Our goal was to complete APTS-254 issue by the end the sprint.  The rest of our group ran into roadblocks and joined us in our endeavor.  We also hit roadblocks and needed more clarification.  Even though we found where in the code we needed to add the case, we weren’t positive about what the established reminders were doing.  So we determined that the only way we would be able to figure out exactly how these reminders worked was to recreate the scenarios in which they would appear.  Unfortunately, we were unable ETL server to work on our computers so we were essentially taking shots in the dark.

With all of this uncertainty, and the delayed response time from the people at Ampath, it was virtually impossible to accomplish anything of any substance.  In the end we were unable to complete our goal of finishing APTS-254, which means that we were only able to complete one issue this semester.  Perhaps I set lofty goals for our team, or maybe we underperformed, but one thing is for sure.  I can’t wait to spend way more time developing my own Angular 2 project.


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