The Software Craftsman Ch. 7 and Ch. 8

Chapter seven, entitled “Technical Practices,” covers the topics of ideal programming practices and why they should be utilized in the field.  Of course by best practices I’m speaking of TDD, CI, paired programming, etc.  These are the topics that have been covered at length in The Clean Coder and my related blogs.  I found it interesting that Mancuso has a separate section for refactoring outside of TDD.  For those who are unaware, refactoring is a step within test driven development.  Therefore, if TDD has been utilized, then there is no need to explicitly describe refactoring.

Chapter eight, entitled “The Long Road,” is an interesting chapter about career choices. We all know that money is a motivating factor when making career choices, but taking money out of the equation leaves you with the following three factors:

Autonomy: It is when we are in control of what we do, how we do it, and when we do it. That should always be the case in a true Agile context.

Mastery: It is when we are constantly learning and evolving—becoming bet- ter professionals and better human beings.

Purpose: It is when we feel that our job is important and we are contributing to make things better—instead of just doing what we are told without under- standing why.

Once we get a grasp on where we want our careers to go, and what factors motivate us, it is easier to find the right jobs.  This doesn’t just happen, it requires a lot of work and effort in order to “craft” our careers.  Mancuso thinks it is important to differentiate between a career and a career within a company.  Your career is more important than a career within a company.  I think that your career and your career within a company are equally as important, and should more often than not align, but then again I have not worked in the field.


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